RepPanel HWv2

RepPanel explosion drawing render

visit I created RepPanel as a little side project because available 3D printer UIs were a bit expensive and lacked a proper user experience. The first generation of RepPanel is based on custom DIY PCBs and screens from China.…

Race Quad

race quad

Now that I’ve been working on DroneBridge and my associated quadcopter for about two years, I wanted to try something different. With a camera drone you can take great pictures but sometimes you just want to rip through the landscape…

Go Kart

homemade go kart

Our homemade Go-Kart. A very early project. So far, I haven’t found the time to write much about it. Some notes: Built together with my cousin at the age of 17/18, just for fun At the time we had absolutely…

A drone

drone with payload

A drone that does not suck This project is still WIP This page contains general information about my drone. Technical specifications (e.g. how it compares to the market leaders), why I built it and some media to give you an…


DroneBridge Logo

Creating a long range/low latency/ low-cost digital radio link for UAVs & aerial photography As my „not just another drone“ project grew very large over the last year I decided to split it up into different articles. This article focuses…