Real3DFFF – A 3D printing post-processor to enable curved layer 3D printing

Real3DFFF processes regular 3d printing G-Code. It transforms the plane layers into curved layers that perfectly follow the part’s top & bottom surfaces. Also within the part, the layers are curved. This class of algorithm is also known as Curved Layer Fused Filament Fabrication (CLFFF). This results in parts that do not suffer from the stair-stepping effect and have the potential to be significantly stronger than their traditionally printed counterparts. Despite many other algorithms, Real3DFFF is able to compute the normal vector for every move of the 3d printer. This enables 3-axis and 5-axis 3d printing, something that till today often required expensive software packages or highly customized G-Code. CLFFF also has high potential when combined with fibre-reinforced 3d printing. Thanks to the curved layers, the fibres can be oriented much better and do not have to remain in plane layers.

This article will grow in the future, featuring more details and images for now, please refer to the Github-Page:

Real3DFFF Curved Layer Fused Filament Fabrication process pipeline

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